Sefton Taxis

August 30, 2004, 10:57 pm
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Hiya ,just noticed we have a new reader who call’s himself the wuss,just like to say welcome,and by the way any photo’s of drivers cab’s crash’s etc would be very welcome,post them to ( THANX


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well thanks gazz its great site love it…has anyone seen red boots mmmmmmmmmmm

Comment by wuss

that means the Wusss has seen her maybe he had a gas mask on at the time

Comment by iwasthere

talking of gas masks where is quincy

Comment by wuss

dunno about gasmaskes the the the wuss is acting latly could be oxygen masks the fat hypocondic chappy came over all poorly on Saturday night again is there something wrong or IS HE JUST A LAZY BASTARD

Comment by iwasthere

another person who needs his grammer brushing up check out hypocondriac…mind you it would help if you where english to begin with would it not………?

Comment by wuss

I don,t know about my grammer but where and were mean two different things so thick WUSSS use spllcheck next time lol

Comment by iwasthere

use spllcheck????????

Comment by wuss

just checking deliberate mistake

Comment by Anonymous

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