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Young Allan Had A Misshap
June 20, 2006, 10:17 pm
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Young Allan had a bit of a smash outside Yate’s with the new shine’y ballard,as well as his dayman (the owner of the cab) being away on holliday, someone tells him that Paddy big-ears old cab is in Cleggy’s(just so happens to be the guy who does his repairs) same colour,just needs a wing and bumper………wont cost me that much….thing again…..the Bee-Gee only charged him 250 quid….said I bought that cab,it owes me money… much do you buy a scrap cab for? to be about 40 quid…. Allan then asked him if he could pay him weakly….and got knobed off…..dont do us any favours Bee-Gee.


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Ouch! Didn’t even dent the ruddy post!

Comment by ByronB

Do you guys ever get any fares?

Seems you spend most time bangin things?? HE HE HE.

Glad I don’t live there…..

(Oh ya – not that we don’t have bad drivers either, by the way)

Comment by Anonymous

byronb.i had a look at it,few scratch marcs,i think it’s stainless steel?

Comment by gazza27

Anon,we do,do a bit of work(not while the world cups on)but we do have a laugh as well,thanx for leavng a comment,call again anytime,that goes for the rest of our readers…..take care out their!

Comment by gazza27

Robby the rat,asked the bee-gee if he could have the seats out of Paddys cab,cost you 250 sovs lar?

Comment by Anonymous

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