Sefton Taxis

July 11, 2006, 2:41 am
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Spooky Lukey was driving down Knowsley Road when he got bricked by 3 lads,knowing the area Luke knew which way the lads would go,so,drives round the corner to head them off,parks up with his door open ready to pounce when the lads walk past,the lads see him and run away so Luke gives chase,drives round the corner,one lad darts to the right,another darts to the left,the third one stands still,so he’s driving towards this lad when he thinks to himself….He’s not going to move,so he swerves the cab to the left, while doing this,the drivers door swings open,the while leaning over to grab the door handle…..He fall’s out the cab…..Then the cab crashes into a wall…..


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I believe it up to the bit where he swerves to avoid the bloke with the brick – that was just too good an opportunity to miss!

Comment by ByronB

Gospel,i saw the injuries,funniest story for a long time!

Comment by gazza27

Luke (The Fall Guy )is now the TOP TIT taking Alan (The Post) title from him.

Comment by Anonymous

You should get straight to the point instead of beating around the bush..LOL

Comment by gazza27

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