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Mad Mick Returns
September 13, 2006, 12:04 am
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Young Michael,had been away on holiday for a few weeks(didn’t half miss him)so I was having a gab with the lads when he walks over to Jay McCullough and says “alrite,I’ve got ye a little something from my holls” and he dangles a Canada key ring,but Jay says,”nar,your all rite”I started laughing at this point when I saw Micks face drop,(it must have been bad for him)Jay says”nar ye might as well give it to someone who appreciates it lad,I’d just throw it away”now……I’m at the stage where I need oxygen,I’m laughing so much,Mick says “you ungraitfull bastard,I brought this all the way from Canada and you don’t want it”I………Had to walk away I couldn’t take any more,I was getting pains in my sides with laughing,it was so funny,later on,I saw Allan,and told him the story,but he had a funny look on his face,when I finished telling him about the key ring,he reached into his cab,produced the same key ring,dangled it infront of me and said “was it anything like this?” which made the whole story ten times funnier,sending me into a fit of laughter again!
(p.s. both these guys are retards)


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lol poor Michael. So go on lad, tell me what did he get you then ?

Comment by Munther

The bastard got me sweet f.a.

Comment by gazza27

lol, well, then he deserved it ! 😀

Comment by Munther

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