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Kieren Cought A Pike
October 1, 2006, 10:50 pm
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Our John’s lad Kieren cought his first pike,put up a good fight though,and was released to get cought another day!


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how sweet. i’m glad he released it. good to teach children that it’s just as fun to fish, catch them, but then to release and try again.

Comment by tooners

I’d have to agree with tooners !Used to go fishin when I was younger with my uncle and I couldn’t eat my catch ! To everybodys amusment ! 😛 This pike looks scary ! do you eat them ?

Comment by Munther

The kid was over the moon,he had an a4 printout of the pic and was showing everyone!i dont think anyone eats a pike,but it is a scarey fish with razor sharp teeth,and it’s known to eat ducklings!

Comment by gazza27

I forgot to say,Munther,tooners isnt it brilliant quality for a camera phone?

Comment by gazza27

Yeah, keep your fingers well away from a pike’s teeth!

That photo is incredible for a phone – I think it beats my camera as well!

Comment by ByronB

I’m going to have to ask Sandy Clause for one lol.

Comment by gazza27

NOOOOOOOOWWWWAAAAYYYY !! That was taken by a phone ? amazing and on the topic of pikes eating ducklings “GULP” too scary for me and now that I’m looking at it again, it looks scarier than the last time ! 😛

Comment by Munther

Our kid’s got the better phone than me,his is the D600!

Comment by gazza27

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