Sefton Taxis

One Of Our Gender Confused Lads
October 7, 2006, 2:23 am
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Nooooooo My eyes, MY EYES ! hehehehe Is this from you latest hols ? It was Greece wasn’t it ?

Comment by Munther

Its not me,but it is Greece,i cant say who it is,coz he wont give me any work….oops have i said too much?

Comment by gazza27

WOW….tooners,the photo’s blured around the head area,you’d think twice if you saw his grid LOL.

Comment by gazza27

could it be the same man who starts work at 7 pm on monday 9/10/06

Comment by Anonymous

that could be the guy anon!

Comment by gazza27

what’s a grid??? 😉

Comment by tooners

grid as a slang word for “face” like “gob”

Comment by gazza27

never heard of “gob” either… i like learning english slang! 🙂

Comment by tooners

As long as we dont corrupt you too much lol.

Comment by gazza27

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