Sefton Taxis

October 9, 2006, 12:38 am
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Although,this song is incomplete,Ginni hs been unwell(bass) i think this is the best song yet?

Comment by gazza27

i really like this. she has a nice voice. there’s a haunting quality to her voice. i really like it. great electric guitar as well. is that a girl playing?

Comment by tooners

i also really like the name of the band…

Comment by tooners

Although he’s mistakin for a girl,Luke is the lead guitarist,at the tender age of 16 he can play most instruments,he was originally the drummer till their lead left,(i encouraged him to stay on guitar coz his dance routine adds a comedy feature to the band)Ginni is the other girl who plays bass,fred the temp drummer has just left as well,so its one step forward two steps back,the name comes from a comedy show called “the mighty boosh”

Comment by gazza27

well, luke plays a mean guitar! he’s quite good! i like this group. do they only play around london?

Comment by tooners

Their still in their early stages tonners,theyve only been together a few months and had 2 gids in liverpool, email me at if you want any their song sending.

Comment by gazza27

Hi gaz.. They keep improving everytime you send me a new mp3 ! I’d have to agree with tooners your daughter has a lovely voice and I don’t see why she can’t be a success ! 🙂 Her voice reminds me of Dido in a way ! 🙂

Comment by Munther

Nice one munther,i’ll send you the finished thing,Thanx.

Comment by gazza27

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