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January 3, 2007, 1:30 am
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After working new year’s eve(new years morning) i thought my family(and me) needed spoiling so as well as the sis-in law i took them for a Chinese,it’s only about 50 yards away,next to the race coarse,but i drove anyway coz the weather was awful,it was blowing a Gail,it was a long time since we’d been to this place but,it was still lovely inside,and the staff bent over backwards to help us………………………………………………But,one thing spoilt it,ppl on the next table were smoking…………………i know….i used to smoke……….and they say ex smokers are the worst……..and ye,…………..i can be a moaning old bastard,but it did take the shine off it, and i look forward to July when smoking in public places in banned,i have friends and family who smoke,and when at ours they go out the back garden for 1 or at least stand by the opened back door…………… i going off on one here or what,let me know what you think…………and by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YE’S ALL from the Xmas grouch lol.


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I totally understand how you feel about smoking. Can’t stand it either.

Comment by Jingoistic

Even when I smoked, I thought it was wrong to smoke when people were eating – now, a pint of beer and a fag, that’s a different matter!

And a Prosperous New Year to you, too!

Comment by ByronBring

jingoistic,it’s the later affect that i cant stand,when your clothes still stink of it.bronb,i remember that only too well,i used to go through about 40 cigs when i had a pint,thats not good.

Comment by Anonymous

Chinese ! Oh man don’t put ideas in my head ! Regarding smoking, well I am guilty of that but I always ask people in Public places next to my table especially cafes and restaurant if they’d mind if I smoke ! If the answer was yes, I would have one outside ! 🙂

Comment by Munther

Well, I completely understand, especially being pregnant. It seems to really bother me now, but even being pregnant, it doesn’t stop ppl from smoking one cancer stick after another right next to me and not thinking a thing about it. My husband smokes sometimes, but only when he’s around his friends and such or stressed, but when I smell it, I can’t stand it.

I didn’t realize that the UK was going smoke free. Very interesting. I wonder how everyone is taking that cuz from what I gathered, it seemed like ppl like to smoke a lot in pubs and such. Are the pubs going smoke free as well? Australia has done this and Bahrain has said it’s smoke free in areas, but even in these areas you find ppl smoking.

Comment by tooners

I like that Munther,that is polite and i have nothing but respect for smokers like you.
tooners,i find that odd that your hubby smokes sometimes,i thought you smoke or you dont?Our shopping centre’s (mall’s) are all now smoke free,pubs are still a bit 50-50 Canada is smoke free as well i think,baybee smoking will soon be a thing of the past?

Comment by gazza27

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