Sefton Taxis

January 8, 2007, 12:56 am
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I know it doest sound good but I’ve just watched it and it’s boss,all the Rocky fans will love it,it starts of a bit soppy,reminiscing about Adrian who has died a few years ago,and their son who is a bit of a wimp,but it gets better,try it and let me know what you think?

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Hmmm… I wonder how the movie is. I just find it odd, and sometimes funny, that a 55+ yrs old man can knock out a 20 something man. I just don’t swallow this!

Comment by alfanan

well be looking forward for this !

Comment by Munther

I kinda hope Rocky gets beaten for a magestic and sad end to the series.

Comment by Jingoistic

alfanan,i watched this thinking “this is going to be a joke”and then you see Rocky with his hair dyed so black it’s got a blue haze to it,but it got a lot better and i dont want to spiol the film for any one,but he doesent knock anyone out?(p.s. i think he’s in his 60’s or does that make it sadder lol)
munther,i’d recomend the film to anyone,especialy ppl who’ve saw all the other Rocky flicks.
Jingoistic,you might not be too far wrong their?

Comment by gazza27

i always liked the rocky movies… or atleast the first 3, i stopped watching after that one. i was wondering about this one, especially since he is in his 60s (i’m pretty sure) and because it seems like he’s going after anything to make a buck… but, i think i’ll watch it and give it try just to see how it turns out.

i’m sure it’s tough being sylvester, seeing that his career has pretty much stalled and he used to be so big. but, i did see him in that cop movie he did a few years ago, where he put on lots of weight, and it was pretty darn good. he should do more of that as well, cuz he’s not a bad actor.

Comment by tooners

You’ll love it tooners,i think it capures the magic of rocky 1,the fella was in Liverpool today at a football match(soccer)the new shareholder at Everton is a mate of his and they played the rocky theam as he walked on(verry usa).

Comment by gazza27

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