Sefton Taxis

January 27, 2007, 4:11 am
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It seems the rot set in while their was no drummer so the band are playing next wed in Southport then that’s it! good news is our Cath and Jini have already recruited another girl and two lads to start another band and have started working on a cover version of Stevie Wonder’s superstition……


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Hey Gaz, when I first read the title, I was very disappointed, I really liked clockworkmargaret but after discovering that a new band is coming out, a sigh of relief escaped me ! So all in all this is still a positive outcome ! Goodluck

Comment by Munther

One door closes, another door opens…

Comment by ByronB

Munther,it gets even better,she went to a gig last night and was approached by a guy from a verry good band who said “i hear your band broke up,would you consider singing for our band,we’ve bn after a good female vocalist for a long time”she stuttered out the word “y y ye”

Comment by gazza27

byronb,2 doors are now open,creating the new band and being a new singer in another band,can she juggle the 2,hope so?

Comment by gazza27

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