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February 26, 2007, 2:02 am
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Taxi drivers,you know the woman,(a few fries short of a happy meal)takes the dog everywhere (nothing wrong with that) beautiful dog,pedigree and all that…………This got to me,big time,…………..she asked me to stop at “KFC“,not a problem mid week night,asked if I’d hold the dogs leed,still no problem,waited about 10 Min’s when she came back out and started to talk to the dog about what she just bought him………………………………………I was………….takin back a bit to hear her say “look what i just bought you”……………….so i had to say….”have you just went to KFC for your dog” she said “no…..not just for him,me as well”then she let me know “my husband buys him steak and kidney pies out the chippy”…………is this just me or is it very bad to feed a dog good food,is this the way i was brought up?Would you feed a pig strawberrys?i think this is very wrong,you might like to treat your pets like humans,but they’re not.full stop.


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A waste of food! There’s a reason why dogs eat dog food…

Comment by Jingoistic

Our dog – we got him when he was 5 – lives on a dry food diet specially designed for dogs. We know when anyone feeds him titbits because he can’t handle it and has incredibly smelly wind. He can clear a room in minutes!

Comment by ByronB

Jingo,i know,it is bad,years ago they used to feed dogs on crap from the butchers like lungs and stuff.

Comment by gazza27

Byronb,i know it too well,my mother gives their dog chocolate,ive tried to tell them that it does moe harm than good but it falls on deaf ears!

Comment by gazza27

this post makes me laugh coz i can understand why she did it! 🙂

when my cat frankie was a baby and really sick (close to death), he wouldn’t eat at the vets office. they couldn’t get him to eat anything. so, not knowing what to do, since i might lose him, i stopped at mcdonald’s and bought him a cheeseburger. took it to him at the vet’s office and he ate every bite of it. from that point forward, he got better and better and finally was released from the hospital there. to this day, he loves cheeseburgers. but he eats lots of food that you wouldn’t think a cat would eat – he loves veggies!

i don’t go out and buy my cats special foods. they eat dry food and soft cat food, but i do give a couple of them bites of what i’m eating sometimes.

i also talk to my cats like this woman does. i guess that’s why some ppl think me a crazy cat lady! 🙂

Comment by tooners

Ok this post made me crave a KFC ! 😀 I’ve seen this way to many times during my time at the UK and think its a waste of money and food ! I remember seeing an over weight dog walked by its owner and the poor thing was wheezing ! There is a reason for pets to have their own specially designed food, you know !

Comment by Munther

Tooners,i always said macies was good for you,but ppl laughed and called me a fat bastard,but i think this is proof tht its good for you?joking apart,we have 2 elderly cats,both on medication,Tom,has a hormone problem(he bites his fur off if he has no tablets)and Felix has a thiriod problem,I’m just buying time for them,but what can you do,they were the kids pets,break their hearts if they snuffed it?

Comment by gazza27

Munther,tell me about it,its verry sad that ppl dont realise that they’r slowly killing their pets,I had to take my father in laws dog to the vets to be put down,(not through neglect,it was 15 years old) one of the saddest things i’ve saw,they overdose them with seddative,so they dont know whats happening,dog fealt nothing……i did!

Comment by gazza27

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