Sefton Taxis

My Best Ever Nutter (up to now)
March 25, 2007, 11:26 pm
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I got a flag on Marsh Lane by the Jollys,2 young lads,1 Say’s “he wants to go to Fazacerley Hospital,Stoddard House,you’ll get paid when you get their,but can you drop me off on Sefton Road on the way (it’s not on the way) so i say “whats with the get paid when we get their,I’ve never heard that b4″ so the other one Say’s “it’s cool mate,you get paid out of my account when we get their” so when I’m driving down Sefton Road one of them says “just here mate” so next thing they start hugging each other and give a goodbye KISS,so while I’m waiting to carry on with the journey i think to myself…watch which house he goes into to i can call back if i don’t get paid,so the lad’s walking forever so i have to pull away,but keeping an eye on him in my mirror,then as i turn right,the lad thinks I’m out of sight,he stops dead and does an about turn,so i pulled over and said to the guy still in the cab”listen lad,you’ve got to get out,this isn’t good your mate’s just done an about turn their so he doesn’t want me to know were he lives”.
So the lad assures me,”promise ye mate you’ll get paid”….so arriving at Stoddard house.9.60 on the meter the lad says “hang on here mate and I’ll get you the money” so i say “nar hang on a min lad,I’ll go in with you”… worse was to come,we went to reception and said “my name’s so and so,I’ve just been released from Marsh Lane Police Station to report back here,I’m being charged with attempted murder” my jaw nearly hit the floor,i got paid eventually but i was sure glad to be out of that place……..


This Is Robbie The Rat
March 20, 2007, 11:51 pm
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They call him the rat for a reason,he earned this name,he is also known as “lower than a snake’s belly”he had a regular fare who happened to be blind who he used to do messages for, but got knobed off coz she said he was a JANGLER,anyway,Snell gets the job,give’s her her stuff then she hands him a 20 pound note,so Snells made up with this,then she says “hold on Robbie told me the fare’s have gone up heres another fiver “….THE FARES NEVER WENT UP…..SHAME ON YOU RAT……………………..

March 20, 2007, 11:34 pm
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Young Phil,one of Metro’s finest operators was asking the lads if they knew how to get a stuck CD out of a car stereo,got no replies till his cousin Dave said “gis a look”,put the stereo on pressed the eject button and the CD came out,”what were you pressing “so Phil pointed to the button he was pressing that had AC on it (AIR CONDITIONING) no wonder the CD wouldn’t come out………………………

Total Disrespect For Law
March 20, 2007, 11:21 pm
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The View-Same Jeans(sorry i had to)
March 19, 2007, 2:18 am
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You Watch What…….
March 19, 2007, 12:36 am
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Because of my job,i don’t see much of everyday TV,so what i do is get into a TV serial and download the complete series,then i can watch an episode when i get in from work,most of these shows are shown in the USA many weeks b4 we get them,i was hooked on Invasion,but in the USA they show about 12 episodes then take a break for about 3 months(why do they do that) then the big let down,it was supposed to go to series 2 but got cancelled ……..AHHHHHHH

Heroes,this is x-men type of stuff,starts off a bit slow,introducing characters and how they develop their power,but it is way past cool !

Then Lost,episode 1 was great the special effects were out of this world,(a cyber Friend is into it big time)series 1 went cool,series 2 told you a lot more,then series 3,still no better off,I’m losing heart with this now!

Supernatural,is cool but you don’t really have to watch them in order,about 2 ghost buster brothers,searching for the demon that killed their mother.

Now finally what I’ve got into big time is Day Break,it’s about a guy relives the same day(like groundhog day)who has been framed for murder and takes different paths each day to try and see who framed him?

Their may be more but you’s may think i’m a serial killer lol.(thank you for watching?)

Snellgrove’s New Story
March 14, 2007, 12:31 am
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Those of you who don’t know Snelly,he’s a lovely lad,do you a good turn b4 he’d do you a bad 1,but he is known to go on a bit,let’s say he got blessed with the gift of the gab………..His Mrs once asked one of the lad’s “ye know when he goes out to work,does he chat shit all night”(you know him only too well Paula)anyway,a young lad flags him down,the lad had been involved in a fight and was bleeding from a cut above his eye,and wants to go to Hatton Hill Rd,so Snell says to him “listen lad,I’ll take you home but i don’t want blood all over my cab,I’m trying to earn a living here” so he gives the lad some kitchen roll and says”hold this on the cut,apply some pressure on it and try to stop it bleeding,let me know when you need more tissue,just keep it pressed hard,and when you get home,wash it with some sterile water and put some Vaseline on it to try and stop the blood flow,if that doesn’t work,you may have to go to hospital and get it glued or stitched or something”in the mean time the lad stars sayingArrrrrrrrrr,it’s killing me”….”just keep wiping it,do you need anymore tissue” the lad says are we nearly their yet?so Snell tells him”nearly,were by the old Secrets”the lad says”pull over here,how much do i owe you””3.80″ “here’s a fiver,keep the f***ing change lar,you’ve done my f***ing head in “…..Not so much as a thanx……..
(not to mention his chance to meet an iternational football player)