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Snellgrove’s New Story
March 14, 2007, 12:31 am
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Those of you who don’t know Snelly,he’s a lovely lad,do you a good turn b4 he’d do you a bad 1,but he is known to go on a bit,let’s say he got blessed with the gift of the gab………..His Mrs once asked one of the lad’s “ye know when he goes out to work,does he chat shit all night”(you know him only too well Paula)anyway,a young lad flags him down,the lad had been involved in a fight and was bleeding from a cut above his eye,and wants to go to Hatton Hill Rd,so Snell says to him “listen lad,I’ll take you home but i don’t want blood all over my cab,I’m trying to earn a living here” so he gives the lad some kitchen roll and says”hold this on the cut,apply some pressure on it and try to stop it bleeding,let me know when you need more tissue,just keep it pressed hard,and when you get home,wash it with some sterile water and put some Vaseline on it to try and stop the blood flow,if that doesn’t work,you may have to go to hospital and get it glued or stitched or something”in the mean time the lad stars sayingArrrrrrrrrr,it’s killing me”….”just keep wiping it,do you need anymore tissue” the lad says are we nearly their yet?so Snell tells him”nearly,were by the old Secrets”the lad says”pull over here,how much do i owe you””3.80″ “here’s a fiver,keep the f***ing change lar,you’ve done my f***ing head in “…..Not so much as a thanx……..
(not to mention his chance to meet an iternational football player)


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Yet another nutter ! Taxi drivin must be the third most dangerous job in the world ! After:

1- Astronauts
2- Volcano Scientists


Comment by Munther

Also listening to snelly is pretty f***ing dangerous on the ears.

Comment by Anonymous

Munther, i know lad,i’ll have to think about getting out of it soon,i’m getting too old for all this!

Comment by gazza27

anon,yes i can be a bit……?

Comment by gazza27

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