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Leo Sayer (Rod Hull) He’s Got To Go.
April 29, 2007, 11:32 pm
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leo1.jpgAdrian’s this guys real name and he’s got a propper bad attitude,story’s going round that he used to be a millionaire and his his Mrs took him for everything(that would explain the bad attitude) but the guy is costing us work,he hasn’t got a set (radio) in his cab so he’s nothing to do with Merto,but….members of the public don’t know this and were getting painted with the same brush,2 complaints last night(sat) and 1 Fri,and its usually woman passengers that complain (don’t know why he dosent cause beef with men in our area)

We need him off the cabs asap,i’ll take my camera to work tomorrow and try and interview the chap.


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how could someone work it like you guys if he’s not connected to you guys? do you all have unions there?

his name reminds me of that singer a long time ago… same … leo sayer or something like that. maybe i’m wrong… now i can’t recall.

Comment by tooners

Well, regarding him causing beef with the gals isn’t it probably due to his x taking him to the cleaners ? And btw I thought that the UK had strict laws, how can he work without a taxi license !

Comment by Munther

Tooners,we are self employed and we pay metro 27pound a week for a radio which we get work off,you dont have to have a radio in your cab,you can just work the road,waiting for someone to flag you down or pull onto a rank,he gets called loe sayer because of his hair style like the 70’s singer.
Munther,he has a taxi lisence,he is just free lance,he is bad news,i took my camera out last night to try and have a word with him but the get wasent out,try again tomorrow,

Comment by seftontaxis

It’s only a matter of time – he’ll pick on that bald woman and get sorted!

Comment by byronbring

I hope so lol.

Comment by seftontaxis

so… do you have to buy the cab or is it provided? i would assume since your self-employed that you buy your own car. so anyone can come there and work? i would think it would be hard w/out a radio.

Comment by tooners

You can buy a cab,but most ppl hire them coz of the high milage and maintanace,to start off as a taxi driver you need to have a medical test done,police check (you cant be a taxi driver if you have any convictions for violence)then you have to pass a knowledge test (to make sure you know the area and quickest routes to say hospitals,police stations and the like),their is quite a few ppl who dont have radio’s in,who just work the road but,i like the idea of being able to radio for help if thing go bad.

Comment by seftontaxis

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