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June 30, 2007, 3:22 am
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A friend put me onto this tv show and i’ve just watched the pilot,Dextor works in forensics,has a girlfriend who has two children who adore him,but…..dextor has a night time hobby………he is a serial killer……………who kills serial killers……..he is as he says himself….a monster….who is good at pretending….theirs a few flash backs from when he’s young talking to his foster dad…….this is by no means family viewing,the F word is said quite a few times….but on the whole,if the rest of this series is as good as the pilot….i love it…..


TV Links
June 26, 2007, 9:32 pm
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Have you ever been put onto a web site that……you don’t know how you survived in life without it?Try this TV LINKS

Not only can you access most TV series you can also watch classic movies from it,all in top quality,have a go it’s way past cool!

In the movies part i noticed the classic film SID AND NANCY both heroin addicts thesid_nancy_cuffs.jpg class lines were…

Nancy: Sid,when are things going to get better?

Sid: When we get to America.

Nancy: But were in America now.

Sid: Ow ye,i dont know then!

June 26, 2007, 2:07 am
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She’s back and she’s sexier than ever,this cyber girl is like a good bottle of wine,she gets better the older she gets,lol,so it’s only a matter of days before i acquire this game.

I’ve often found it difficult to understand when violent games get blamed on violent crimes,if someone cant tell the difference between computer graphics and real life they shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets on their own! But something i found disturbing this week was a game with….i kid you not…….the actual footage of James Buldger getting abducted…………….obviously his mother Denise flipped her lid and the games now been took off the shelf’s,but that really is bad taste don’t yous think?

Jericho’s Back
June 23, 2007, 5:15 pm
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tv-jericho.jpg Although it got axed they’ve now had second thoughts for jericho, now there going to reshow the pilot episode and then another 6 new episodes…….thank god for that.

eureka-podcast-icon.jpg Thanx to Dave M2 I’ve now watched series 1 of Eureka and thought it was great but…….some of the story-lines didn’t match up with the pilot…still good though and looking forward to series 2.

traveler.jpg I’ve now started watching Traveler,this is a new series and episode 4 got shown in usa the other day so I’ll watch this tomorrow,this is about 3collage lads going on vacation and to start the trip,they were going to roller blade through a museum with Traveler filming it,so the 2 lads do it get outside then phone Traveler who asks them if they’ve cleared the building,when they say yes he says sorry about this lads and the building blows up and with the cctv showing the lads skating away they are both terrorist suspects so now they’re on the run……

Sexy Lollypop
June 19, 2007, 8:54 am
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I couldent resist this(the video i mean not the girl)

The Mighty Wah…..Liverpool
June 18, 2007, 12:31 am
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Football fans and scoucers will notice their is something verry wrong with this video,Pete Whilie is a true scoucer,he loves Liverpool, he even named his daughter Mersey?

Leaders Of Liverpool
June 14, 2007, 9:38 am
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fiat3.jpgI got a letter of the Fiat dealers saying my car was getting recalled,so while i was dropping it off i noticed a sign saying AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE 25 POUND.I’ve only had the car since January so as you can imagine,we haven’t had many hot days so i never realised the air con wasn’t working,so coming up to our warmest part of the year i asked the guy “you know that air con service,would i have to book it in or could you do it while its here now”” we could have a look at it now if you like,isn’t it working?” so i tell him i haven’t had the car long and we don’t get much warm weather so and so,so then he tells me “That 25 pound service is phase 1 for air con that’s working and needs minor adjustments,you’ll need phase 2,where we empty the old cooling gas’s and replace them and that’s 75 pound” so i reluctantly tell him to go ahead with the job,so when i get home i get a phone call,”Mr Ledwidge,we’ve found the problem with your air con,it’s a broken pipe,would you like a price on that pipe sir” “go ed” “let me see the pipe is 85 pound plus vat then you’ve got the 75 servicing charge ” so i say “listen forget it mate,whats that pipe made out of? gold,I’ll open a window instead”so the guy seamed a bit put out that i didn’t want it fixing (not at that price anyway) so next he tells me “we’ve also noticed that your indicators are flashing white instead of orange and that will be 108 pounds to correct” “and what does that entail “i ask? “we take out all the old bulbs and replace them with new ones,the side ones can be tricky to get out and sometimes you have to take the headlights out to do the front”………………..108 pounds………………to change 6 bulbs………..that would cost…………….3 pound at the most…………….he was having a laugh……”listen mate”i tell him “don’t you worry about that,I’m more than capable of changing a few bulbs”………………….”ow,so you just want the recall job doing” “if you don’t mind”. So later on i go to pick the car up and they start again”your back box is very corroded,you know sir” “ye i know,that’s what happens to exhaust pipes they rust away,get a hole in them,then you go and get another fitted”…………………..So all this made me think,if it was a woman who knew nothing about cars went in,she would be looking at a bill of about 500 pound,was there really a recall or is this just a big con to get you to take your car in so they can rip you off big time?