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Donnie Darko
June 6, 2007, 1:43 am
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donie-good-pic.jpgThis is a cult film….the more times you watch it….the more you read into it? how many times have you watched Donnie Darko?i remember the first time i watched it and i was trying to read him i thought “he’s f**king schizo” and the later on he was seeing a shrink he told him”Donnie Darko you are a schizophrenic” and thought i’d cracked it but apparently he’s a god and a time traveler….what you’s think?


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This movie is just sooo freaky ! Whats the deal with the rabbit ? He sure scares the crap out of me ! ๐Ÿ˜€

Everything in that movie freaks me the theme song (how it made it to the UK’s no 1 beats me !) Jake Gyllenhaal freaked me in the mirror scene ! oh and it reminds me of a bad patch in my life 2001 was when my x got diagnosed with depression, the movie didn’t help !

So I won’t be watching the movie again sorry ! hehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Munther

I thought the soundtrack was boss,the demonic rabbit is a bit scarey,but i still think the film is good and verry cleverly put together?

Comment by seftontaxis

Cracking film. Not a clue what’s going on. If he’s god surely he’d make things a bit less confusing for himself??

It’s one of those films that really carries you along with it so you don’t quite notice until the cinema lights come up that you didn’t understand what the feck was going on. Any theory I’ve heard never really seemed to cover why any of it happened – he had to sacrifice himself so stuff could happen in the past so he could sacrifice himself? Sorry, not good enough!

Comment by violet

Vi,i’ll watch it again in the near futre,on the genuine dvd theirs alternative endings and these are even crazier lol,but as you say you do get carried by the film thinking you’ve got it sussed then relize you jack shit about Donnie Darko,but….the music did go verry well with the film…….talking of wich…..theirs a new movie coming out about the biography of the late great ian curtis.

Comment by seftontaxis

Ooh, yeah, looking forward to that one. I heard it’s based on Deborah Curtis’ book Touching From A Distance so maybe it’ll not be overly reverential – forcing your wife to vote Tory is pure evil. Still, the man wrote some cracking lyrics, and that picture of him smoking in the rain is iconic.

Comment by violet

I think that pic is tattooed in everyones head lol.

Comment by seftontaxis

Nope, the thought police will erase it from your mind on 1st July this year! They may even transport the bloke back in time and take the photo again with him NOT smoking!

Comment by ByronB

Your a funny guy Byron,take care,lol

Comment by seftontaxis

i have to agree w/ violet. i’ve seen this movie about 3 times and still haven’t really figured it out. i thought he was seeing the future …. but not sure about the time warp looking things … but the rabbit, that was from the future of the guy that was in the accident? right? and that face was scary. this movie sorta freaked me out a bit… but i LOVE IT. what’s his face is a really good actor… i think this was the first movie i saw him in.

Comment by um naief

Um Naief,I’m now watching it again,half hour at a time,i think i’ve got the rabbit sussed out?lol.

Comment by seftontaxis

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