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June 26, 2007, 9:32 pm
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Have you ever been put onto a web site that……you don’t know how you survived in life without it?Try this TV LINKS

Not only can you access most TV series you can also watch classic movies from it,all in top quality,have a go it’s way past cool!

In the movies part i noticed the classic film SID AND NANCY both heroin addicts thesid_nancy_cuffs.jpg class lines were…

Nancy: Sid,when are things going to get better?

Sid: When we get to America.

Nancy: But were in America now.

Sid: Ow ye,i dont know then!


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Poor Sid & Nancy – that’s really quite tragic if you stop laughing to think about it.

That TV Links has lots of data – the only thing is, my laptop seemed to keep jumping out of the site – maybe it’s because it’s a Mac.

Comment by ByronB

Byron,i know,they had quite sad lives didnt they? Tv Links is a cool site,you can right click on what your watching,play with the settings and download the prgrame to your desktop.

Comment by seftontaxis

Gaz, the site is great ! Shame that downloading is not allowed 😕

Comment by Munther

You can download off it Moe,its just a sensative site,while watching something right click and go into the prefrernce,and adjust the settings ?

Comment by seftontaxis

OMG… i LOVED Sid & Nancy. great great film!!

i’ll definitely go here and have a looksee!

Comment by um naief

wow, wow, WOW!!!! i love this place. i’ve been wanting to watch that series “weeds”… and they have it!

nice link my friend…. thanks!

Comment by um naief

Hey no prob Um Naief,the sid and nancy film can be downloaded,right clich on the movie,preference,then downloads,set it to desktop……have fun lol

Comment by seftontaxis

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