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Now For The Good News
July 28, 2007, 3:31 am
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I finally got paid out by the insurance and my cars been returned to its former glory,i couldn’t stop staring at it,i love it again!(that doesn’t sound healthy does it?) lucky there was an independent witness walking past at the time?

Also got our summer hols booked and were off to sunny Majorca on an all inclusive for a week…..thats in a fortnights time,so I’m looking at putting on some weight and drinking a ridiculous amount of beer (does that make me a bad person?)


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Congrats on fixing the car 🙂

Hols to Majorca ? Now you’re talking and all inclusive ? 👿

Noooooo drinking to much beer on hols doesn’t make you bad ! 😉 Drink a San Magill and get your wife a Sangria on me 🙂 You deserve your hols mate. Enjoy 🙂

Comment by Munther

Was supposed to be the evil laughing smiley not the sad one ! Sorry 🙂

Comment by Munther

my gosh no… it doesn’t make you a bad person. have a 6 pack on me while you’re at it!!!!!

have fun and the car looks great!

Comment by um naief

Munther,thanx lad,San Miguel is great beer,it would be rude to go to Spain and not drink it lol,iread on the web site they have 5 a side,i’ll have to try and get a dads team going….he-he.
Um Naief,i will have a six pack on you,thanx for that lol,i hated that car when it was dented,the looks i got off ppl!it even feals better to drive now….like it had a cob on lol…..

Comment by seftontaxis

Gazza, can I ask you for a favor ? Naz from seems to be having problems uploading to the wordpress server and since you seem to be the king of uploading images to wordpress, could you please help her ? 😉

Comment by Munther

Yer,no problem.

Comment by seftontaxis

cheers mate, I owe you one 🙂

Comment by Munther

You owe me nothing,it was my pleasure lol.

Comment by seftontaxis

Is six pack a ridiculous amount ?

Comment by jac

Noooooooo,i usually have an 8 pack on my nights off lol,about 20 pints is a ridiculous amount lol when you cant get out of bed in the morning to have breakfast…

Comment by seftontaxis

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