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July 29, 2007, 11:10 pm
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While talking to the lads about this film,we all agreed that this film isn’t the type you’d watch a jarg copy of,another lad said “with boss special affects like that,you have to go to the cinema to appreciate it” then another pointed out “this film has nothing to do with women,it’s a mans film” but if a group of guys went to the cinema and all sat together with their coke and popcorn,wouldn’t it look a bit gay?so….how do we get to watch it?


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hehehe I don’t go to cinemas full stop ! 😆 I managed to convince myself that its a couply thing introduced by the man ! 😆 But the movie is worth watching from what I’ve heard

Comment by Munther

no, of course it isn’t gay!! go to the movies w/ your lads… all of you. get ur popcorn, cokes and enjoy the movie… and you’re right… i think it’s a guy flick!!

but … there’s a big part of me that wants to see it 🙂

Comment by um naief

Don’t watch it! It’s far too boring and just drags on. (I watched it with some lads… Wasn’t gay at all…)

Comment by Jingo

Um Naief,the only problem is…….most of my mates are nutters and would want to get behind us so they could throw popcorn at our heads throughout the movie so the only way out would be to sit on the back row….and that would look so ……….

Comment by seftontaxis

Jingo,nothing wrong with teenagers going to the movies,thats what they do,i was getting at grown men going to the pics together…….that doesent look good lol………hope your getting used to rain again after China?

Comment by seftontaxis

Oh Man, I also wana see it like um naief.

Comment by jac

Don`t go to the theater, just watch what hits the television. My mind was on a different style of transformer this morning. Heard one very loud blast sound and knew the electrical transformer on the pole on the next road had blew up again. It left me without power for a couple of hours.

Comment by Dot

Jac,the preview were one of them starts folding up into a car is out of this world,i’m dying to see it.
Dot,wont be long b4 someone tells me they have the dvd i can borrow,do them transformers blow up often?doesent sound good to me,i once saw a video clip were a bear climbed up one of them poles and got electricuted but lucky enough it survived

Comment by seftontaxis

A bunch of blokes going to see a film together looks gay? Wait for it Gaz… oh for f*ck’s sake! ;o) Maybe if you were all going to see Hairspray.

The original Transformers movie was on ITV4 yesterday, it was great. The new one looks rubbish. CGI transformers put into the real world? Just wrong. Only good thing about the film coming out for me has been the release of an Optimus Prime Mr Potato Head – sorry, that’s “Optimash Prime”. Heeheeheeee.

Comment by violetforthemoment

Vi,you just put me off Hairspray,i was going to see that lol,See thats what i was saying about transformers, women dont get it……its a mans film……cartoons were boss though…………..loved the optimus prime potato head lol.

Comment by seftontaxis

It’s only the film I disapprove of, I loved the whole original Transformers thing in the 80s, watched all the cartoons and had some of the toys (a zillion times more fun than bloody Tiny Tears girls were expected to like). I’m just being a purist over the robots in the film, they look wrong! They look too good! They’re in three-dimensions! It looks like it wasn’t knocked up in someone’s lunch hour! That’s not the Transformers I know :o)

Comment by violetforthemoment

I’ve watched the movie now and i think it was way past cool…..the fx were out of this world…..story was a bit crap though….

Comment by seftontaxis

ok, i’m dying to see hairspray. i think john travolta will be fabulous in it. has it hit the screens there as of yet???

but i’ll tell ya, w/ this little baby… have no clue when we’ll get to sit in a movie theatre again! 😉

Comment by um naief

Um Naief,i watched it with the family it was good,funnier than i thought it would be,you’l be going to watch kids films soon in the cinema,kids love it and you’ll buzz of it.

Comment by seftontaxis

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