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Hit Rock Bottom
August 1, 2007, 12:28 am
Filed under: FUNNY

This is when you know you’ve hit rock bottom when you have to pick ciggy stumps up?


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OMG..I too am laughing…

Comment by jac

Now, if I saw someone cleaning up the streets that way here I would think it was Court ordered. I remember a few years ago a girl stole from a department store and the judge ordered her to walk up and down a certain street behind our local hospital and she had to pick up all the trash that anyone had dropped there. one way to get the sidewalk area and the streets cleaned without paying to get it done. Hope she appreciated it, much better than being sent to jail and having a bad record to live with the rest of her life. Haven`t seen her name in the paper since then, so maybe she learned.

Comment by Dot

Jac,i think i’d kill myself b4 i stooped that low,there’s no need for it,but it did look funny,the same bar puts a few table and chairs outside and we once saw a guy go past on a bike,parked his bike up went over to an empty table and put all the part left drinks into 1 pint glass and drunk it…..ewwwwwwww……..

Comment by seftontaxis

Dot,thats a wonderful idea,i really wish they would do that over here,the kids now are really hardfaced little Sh**s.

Comment by seftontaxis

wow 😯 I am lost for words ! He doesn’t strike you as a person who’d do such a thing ! Cleanly dressed and all.. oh, I didn’t find this funny, just made me feel bad for the guy 😦 Showing the human part here ! :mrgreen: I wouldn’t blame him with all the prices of them fags are sky rocketing over there at the UK 😆

Comment by Munther

Munther,that is dirty picking up fag ends,the guy needs to have a word with himself about packing in?

Comment by seftontaxis

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