Sefton Taxis

Donald Pleasance?
August 6, 2007, 1:42 am
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Dug up an old pic of me when i used to razor my head and John Lennon specs were out,the lads used to call me Donald Pleasance……dont know why?


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That’s uncanny! DP’s one of my favourite actors of all time, btw.

Comment by ByronB

You’ll have to get your mrs to book me as a look alike then for your 40th lol.

Comment by seftontaxis

Is that you ? How long ago was that

Comment by jac

Tis me Jac,it was about 3 years ago i think.

Comment by seftontaxis

Gary, Guess I must be old fashioned because I never could understand why anyone would want to shave their head. I always felt sorry for those who lost their hair from cancer treatments. I think hair has a lot to do with a persons looks, but some do look nice even without it. There is a family who was born with no head hair, so were their children. Sure had no effect on the way they treated others- Husband worked with the father and said he was a very nice person. So, hair has no effect on how a person reacts. At a fast glance, your eyes and glasses reminded me of an Uncle even though he had white hair.

Comment by Dotm

like the specs… i have a pair of sunglasses that are round like that. they’re my fav and always remind me of john lennon. 🙂

Comment by um naief

I am trying to fix that face in my inner hard disk. LOL

Comment by jac

Dot,i know what your saying but,my hair isent nice,if i try and grow it,it has dead ends b4 its even an inch long and thats not besides it going very thin and grey,now i just shave it down to a number 2 and leave the front at a number 4 so i dont look like a thug.
Um Naief,they were three specs ago (wow that long) the ones i wear now are square wide armed .
Jac,i hope you dont get errors on that hd lol.

Comment by seftontaxis

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