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September 17, 2007, 9:50 pm
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I’ve watched the pilot for REAPER,sci-fi comedy about a young man who finds out on his 21st birthday his mom and dad sold his soul to the devil,very funny.


The BIONIC WOMAN,i wasent really looking forward to this,thinking it was going to be like the old series…..but iwas shocked to find it was good,nothing like the old ones.

Pushing Daisies is another great comedy about a guy who can bring people back to life bypushdaisies.jpg touching them,but when he touches them again they die and cant be brought back to life.

Flash Gordon,has been turned into a series,i like it but a friend of mine said it was crap it was good (eh).flash.jpg


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Can’t see any of them here. LOL

Comment by jac

The idea of the first one is boss ! is it a British comedy mate ?

Comment by Munther

Neither can we Jac,i had to download them off piratebay lol.
American Moe,but it is funny.

Comment by seftontaxis

I watched the Reaper debut, thought it was very good. Kevin Smith (“Clerks”, “Dogma”, “Chasing Amy”) directed it, and some of the camera shots and situations reminded me of “Dogma”. Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks”) as the Devil was excellent casting; the guy is suave and creepy at the same time! (Try for downloads)

Comment by Connecticut Bob

Bob,went down well in our house the reaper,looking 4ward to it starting soon,had a quick look at that link,quite similar to

Comment by seftontaxis

Pushing Daisies looks interesting. you’ll have to let me know how it is. we don’t get it here yet.

the bionic woman… well, i was a huge fan years ago, so i was really wondering how it would be. only found out a couple of wks back that they were bringing this back.

don’t know anything about the other ones.

Comment by um naief

Um Naief,the first episode of pushing daisies was briliant,i think episode 2 gets aired in the usa this week and i watched episode2 of the bionic woman last night and it was a bit……poor……as for Flash Gordon,the actings poor the special fx are poor and the storylines……

Comment by seftontaxis

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