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Does It Pay To Be Honest?
October 31, 2007, 3:06 am
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I get a flag at the Pacific pub,a couple about 30 years old,want to go to Sully’s,then they say,no,Boswell St,we need to go home for the bank card to get some money out,so,we head their,guy gets out,farts around,jumps back in says to his girl,I’ve got no key,she says,back to the Pacific,head back their,side entrance their car’s parked half on the kerb….rite outside the pub,with the smoking ban,loads of people puffing away and leaning on their car……so the girl kicks off………effing and blining about her car… after a few mins……I’m thinking…..this is nowhere near good,i jump out the cab to shut all the doors to get off,in the mean time the girl says “i’ll fucking show ye’s”jumps in her car,does a amazing handbrake turn,someone says……hey your taxis getting off,so give the guy his due,he walks over and pays me,so i get off then,getting down the road i look back and see the girl has left her bag,not wanting to back the pub in case they’d started fighting,i had a look in to see what was in it…..2 mobile phones……so i think……they’ll phone me in the near future………a few hours later,the operator says “anyone do a job from the pacific go to bowden st etc’ ye me,could you go to Bowden st now Gary,put your meter on and they’ll pay you when you get their,so i was coming down Queens Drive,2am Sat (sun morn) pass flags to get their,and give the girl her bag back…………………….then…..she roots through her bag and says…..”the keys not here”……………”wheres the key”…………..trying to normalize the situation……..i say,you,never had the key,you got in my cab at the pacific,went home realized you had no key,went to your car outside the Pacific,that’s were i got off.Is the key on your back seat ?she asks,so i try to explain……..Nooooooooooo,the key was never in the cab,that’s why you went back the pub to key the key out the car………………….in the mean time the guy says “is our mobile phones still fucking their” and the girl says “ye.but theirs no fucking key here,how much do we owe ye” so i say 5 pounds please,”5 fucking pounds,5 fucking pounds,where the fuck did you come from”so i tell them i came from Queens Drive on this busy sat night………….then they tell me,”well anyway,we cant get in to pay ye,you’ll have to come back tomorrow…………………………..i didn’t half go back.

Take into account the Sri Lanka guy in the garage gives you 40 quid for a stolen phone? When they get blocked here,they are blocked on our networks,Orange,o2,Virgin etc,only in other country’s they have different networks that are not blocked by the English ones!


Our Tracy
October 31, 2007, 2:09 am
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Now my youngest daughter’s started at collage,her pic’s are great too,except,i couldent sus out where they were taken,so hold your breath……………….the background is her bedroom door………quite large you might think?…………the story goes……her room was a little untidy…….?(unusual for a 17 year old) so she photo shoped it all out to look good (as ye do?)Boss pic’s though.(click on pics to enlarge)

October 29, 2007, 2:36 am
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Have you ever had the pleasure to play Samorost? it’s a point and click game that i have to shamefully say…..i cheated ……….on level 1,i didnt know what the game was about … i looked for a walkthrough and cheated….and was i sorry….i thought this game was going to go on for hours…….but it only has about five levels…… and i was sorry to see the back of it………then at the end… advertise’s Samorost 2……….love it?

Beth Ditto Look-a-like
October 25, 2007, 2:50 pm
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One of our larger drivers has a new girlfriend who looks like Beth Ditto but about twice her age,so young Snellgrove not being the shy sort says to him”hey sausage meat head,your bird looks like Beth Ditto’s mar (mother)” to which he got the reply “i bet Beth Ditto isn’t as good in bed as my Jackie” upon hearing this Snell looked disgusted and replied”excuse me,Ive got to eat in the near future,and the thought of yous 2 frolicking isn’t a nice thought”beth_ditto_at_barfly.jpg

Luke’s Not Guilty
October 25, 2007, 1:55 pm
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Taxi driver cleared over death after sausage row

A TAXI driver has been cleared of killing a man who died in a row over a chip shop sausage.

Luke McCormick walked free from Liverpool crown court yesterday after a judge found there was no case to answer.

He ordered a jury to acquit him of manslaughter.

Mr McCormick, 53, of Pennington Avenue, Bootle, had to sit through four days of prosecution evidence against him.

Mr McCormick was accused of killing “gentle giant” Gary Jenner from Litherland died outside Tsang’s takeaway in Stanley Road, Bootle, on January 14.

Liverpool crown court was told Mr McCormick was in the queue when Mr Jenner, who did not have enough money to buy a meal, asked strangers to buy him some food.

Mr McCormick offered to help but they ended up rowing over a sausage.

Peter Davies, prosecuting, told the jury Mr Jenner, 28, who was almost three times over the legal drink-drive limit, started trading insults with Mr McCormick’s partner Margaret Kelly.

The court heard Mr Jenner threw a punch at Miss Kelly but hit Mr McCormick and a scuffle spilled out on to the street.

A taxi driver outside radioed others for help.

When they arrived, together with another man, they grabbed hold of Mr Jenner on the ground.

Mr McCormick held Mr Jenner in a head lock, with his arm around his throat, and the police arrived six minutes after they had been called.

But Mr Jenner lost consciousness and was taken to hospital, where he later died.

Does anyone know this wierdo?
October 22, 2007, 5:01 pm
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If anyone knows this pervert,tell him his phone’s in metro’s office!

Death Med Red Head……..He’s Back
October 17, 2007, 12:18 am
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Dexter’s back and cooler than ever,whats wrong with me?i’m urging him to kill people?i love him(not in the gay way)i want to be like him?i cant start killing people at my age……can i ? LOL.