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Luke’s Not Guilty
October 25, 2007, 1:55 pm
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Taxi driver cleared over death after sausage row

A TAXI driver has been cleared of killing a man who died in a row over a chip shop sausage.

Luke McCormick walked free from Liverpool crown court yesterday after a judge found there was no case to answer.

He ordered a jury to acquit him of manslaughter.

Mr McCormick, 53, of Pennington Avenue, Bootle, had to sit through four days of prosecution evidence against him.

Mr McCormick was accused of killing “gentle giant” Gary Jenner from Litherland died outside Tsang’s takeaway in Stanley Road, Bootle, on January 14.

Liverpool crown court was told Mr McCormick was in the queue when Mr Jenner, who did not have enough money to buy a meal, asked strangers to buy him some food.

Mr McCormick offered to help but they ended up rowing over a sausage.

Peter Davies, prosecuting, told the jury Mr Jenner, 28, who was almost three times over the legal drink-drive limit, started trading insults with Mr McCormick’s partner Margaret Kelly.

The court heard Mr Jenner threw a punch at Miss Kelly but hit Mr McCormick and a scuffle spilled out on to the street.

A taxi driver outside radioed others for help.

When they arrived, together with another man, they grabbed hold of Mr Jenner on the ground.

Mr McCormick held Mr Jenner in a head lock, with his arm around his throat, and the police arrived six minutes after they had been called.

But Mr Jenner lost consciousness and was taken to hospital, where he later died.


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A shame it ended up in death. It`s a gamble everyone takes when trying to defend themself.

I once had a crazy neighbor try to hit me in the head with her hammer. Because of her age I didn`t dare hit her for fear I would end up in prison for murder. All I was able to do was hold onto her hand so the hammer only lightly was touching my head. Eventually I was able to get the hammer from her hands and tossed it over my back fence into her yard. I caught her trying to put tin across the my back gate because she didn`t want what she called “my nice kids” playing with what she called “those bad kids” that lived behind me. She got mad at me when I pulled up the post her tin was nailed to. I told her to either take her tin home or I would toss it out with the garbish when the collector came by. A couple years later the authorities picked her up and took her to a mental institution. The neighborhood sighed in relief knowing our kids were safe from her.
I could have ended up going what that fellow went thru if I had hit her back. I still remember how very strong she was for an older lady.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I did get my scanner working again.

Comment by Dot

I know Dot,it’s a scarey world out their,all’s Luke did was to try protect his mrs,he didnt want to kill anyone.This was a very tragic accident like your’s could have been with your neighbor?
Glad the scanners working.
take care.

Comment by seftontaxis

I bet that’s a relief for him – fancy having something like that hanging over your head all this time!

Comment by byronbring

Tell me about it Byron,the man was a wreck.

Comment by seftontaxis

Hi All Taxi drivers…
Jimmy Sinnot died at xmas 2006…. My sister Chris & his children were so impressed at all his work mates giving him such a wonderful send off!!! I did not realize to come on your site to thank each and every one of you great guys.. I Put it on the radio for you.
Today we recieved the photos of Jimmys funeral… Of all you guys blocking off roads and joining his funeral procession… This has kept my sister Chris going for two years… A big gesture from you .. which will last a lifetime for Chris….And all his family!!
A little late but…

Comment by Jimmy Sinnots Sister in law

Anytime,jimmy came t us a few years ago,we were a bit scepable about him at first coz he did have a bit too much to say for a new guy,but we soon wormed up to his personality when we realised he was piss taker who could keep his face straight,a great loss to us all we still talk about jimmy and see Chris walking the dog,he will never be forgotten.

Comment by seftontaxis

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