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Loser’s Phone
November 10, 2007, 4:25 am
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A loser who was off his Barnett got in my cab,i would have knocked him back but a gang of hoodys on bmx’s had happy slapped him a few time’s and he was only going local,so i felt sorry for him,next thing he’s moaning about the fare and saying he’s got no money,he never got back to me so i smashed his phone up! 


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you seriously smashed it?!!

i wonder why anyone would get into a cab if they don’t have the fare. i’d never think of it… but i’m sure plenty do it.

reminds me of this woman we have working here right now. she’s always asking me for things and acting as if she has no money. i get sick of it. there’s something about a whiney person that really gets on my nerves!

Comment by um naief

Um Naief,i often wonder about the loons i pick up,do you think it may have something to do with the large number of heroin addicts in th 80’s and these are their offsprings?lol

Comment by seftontaxis

…and the pic that goes with this entry…maybe you should have taken it BEFORE you bashed the phone to bits??? 🙂 (well, it’s a great big blank on my display!)

Comment by byronbring

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