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Who’s The Drivers Who……..
November 10, 2007, 4:48 am
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1: Reversed his brand new tx4 into a lamppost causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage?

2: Went to the doctors complaining  of blurred vision after a crash,wouldn’t let the nurse put a probe in his eye and when she went to have a word with the doctor about him he did the offskies without saying goodbye?

3: Got his teeth done and gone from nicotine brown to pearly white?

4: Went into the office clutching the deaths page from the Liverpool echo saying here’s the proof i cant pay my settle coz a close member of my family died,when it was pointed out it wasn’t the same surname as his he insisted it was his brother in-law?

5: lost everything through his gambling addiction?

6: Got caught by his wife coming home early wearing her underwear?


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hmmmm… i’m confused. are we supposed to be figuring out who this is?

came home w/ his wife’s underwear on ey?!! was he wearing her heels as well?!! 🙂

i don’t know if you do tags, but i tagged you for a travel in time. 🙂

Comment by um naief

Um Naief,they are all drivers who i didnt want to leave their names…..but most drivers know who they are lol,and yes heals makeup wig lol,give me a few weeks on the tag….thanx….i think.

Comment by seftontaxis

Aha! Bet his nickname is “Lucky”, eh?

Comment by byronbring

LOL Byron,when you going to start bloging agin,i’ve started to miss you mate?

Comment by seftontaxis

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