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Sweeney Tod
January 30, 2008, 1:50 am
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sweeneybook.jpgOur Tracy went to see Sweeney Tod,and i thought the previews looked good,so i asked her what it was like,she told me “only the best film i’ve ever seen in my life”so this intrigued me,”what was so good about it?” “everything,the scenery,hummer, gory,songs,boss ending,try it dad you’ll love it” so i was thinking about it,i dont like musicals,but our Tra got me wondering about it……………….so i watched it………and as she said…… was a totally brilliant film,very Gothic looking,you’d think it was a horror if you didnt know,and the murder story pulled it off as a musical with a great story and a brilliant ending that even i didnt see coming and i’ve watched some movies in my time,so dont think twice about seeing it,this has to be movie of 2008 unless something spectacular comes out?


This Isnt Clever
January 28, 2008, 3:08 am
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gpw sent me this pic called “how to spot an idiot” i cant stop cringing at this pic,surley it has to be a fake,nowone would be that stupid as to float a junction box on a pair of flip flops?tit1.jpg

January 23, 2008, 3:10 am
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cake.jpgThis is one of our Tracys artworks for collage,kinda makes you think what they teach kids these days?

Francis Rimmer R.I.P.
January 23, 2008, 2:39 am
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This is a very old pic of my wifes dad Frank,when he was young handsome lad,before he met his beloved wife Betty,i’m going to restore this pic and i’l show you what it looks like when it’s finished,his funeral went well,lots of tears as you’d expect and a lot of laughing as the old storys came out, i laughed at one from his only son Robert who told us that when he was on the docks,they knew about 3 weeks in advance that the whiskey boat was due in,so being scoucers,they took advantage of this,so after the boat was in,frank tried to leave the docks,pissed as a newt,and the police stopped him at the gate,he had 4 flasks with him that he had full with whiskey and was trying to ride his bike,the copper said to him.”Frank,i cant let you out in this state on your bike,leave your bike here and get the bus home.Even on his death bed he was still cracking jokes,in intensive care a dr came over to me and said “are you Robert” i said no,i’m Joans husband,his daughter,then frank says to the doc”hey doc,if you ever need a taxi see him” I’m going to miss him,not as much as my mrs,or my youngest Tracy,she wept a lot which kicked everyone else off,then it was i’m crying coz i see you upset,and we were crying coz you were upset and so on and so on.

Ringo Star(thats a real rock star name)
January 21, 2008, 11:25 pm
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He came home to”Liverpool” the place where he grew up,lived,loved the people around him?He wears sunglasses indoors. He’s now trying to promote his new album,and new single……called LIVERPOOL 8……and a verse says “Liverpool i left you but i never let you down” he went on the Johnerethon Ross show and admitted he’d never like to move back to Liverpool,…….Well Mr Rock star “RINGO” you never let Liverpool down” …………”You let me down,big time,and everyone else from Liverpool ,you’re not a musician,your a drummer,you can train a monkey to do that!Keep doing your peace sign and keep dying your grey hair brown,your musics shit,so do us a big favour and retire from the music biz and dont come back to Liverpool .(your as about welcome as a fart in a lift)

Be Back Soon
January 18, 2008, 2:22 am
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My father in law passed away on Monday so as you’s can imagine im up the wall a bit,get back to ye’s soon………………………….I MISS YE’S ALREADY,……….take care.(just letting ye’s know i’m alright in case i’m gone for a while,wow,time,were does it go?and i’m off to Leicester,tomorrow with our Cath for a university interview!

Only In Liverpool
January 10, 2008, 2:33 am
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I was outside Weatherspoons talking to Owen when he said “look at him Gaz,he’s got a plate in his hand” and the guy was standing outside the pub with a dinner plate in his hand……then…..he only gets in my cab…………………so the lad says “ye know what mate,2 quid they charge for a plate of chips and ye only get about 30 pence worth” so i say “goway,thats not good is it?” “it’s not is it,so i robbed the plate” so i have to say to him “i wouldent invite you round to ours for tea,i’d have to count the cutlery after you’d gone” looking in my mirror as i said it,i saw a big smile appear on his face as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife and fork “they were the first thing i robbed”……………. This country is going to the dogs!LOL.