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Ringo Star(thats a real rock star name)
January 21, 2008, 11:25 pm
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He came home to”Liverpool” the place where he grew up,lived,loved the people around him?He wears sunglasses indoors. He’s now trying to promote his new album,and new single……called LIVERPOOL 8……and a verse says “Liverpool i left you but i never let you down” he went on the Johnerethon Ross show and admitted he’d never like to move back to Liverpool,…….Well Mr Rock star “RINGO” you never let Liverpool down” …………”You let me down,big time,and everyone else from Liverpool ,you’re not a musician,your a drummer,you can train a monkey to do that!Keep doing your peace sign and keep dying your grey hair brown,your musics shit,so do us a big favour and retire from the music biz and dont come back to Liverpool .(your as about welcome as a fart in a lift)


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So, not your favourite popstar, then? 🙂

Comment by byronbring

He doesn’t even look like a scouser now, he’s taken on “The Gallagher” stance oasis shades :–( so 5 years ago haha. How old is he now Gaz bout a century (nearly):) not overly keen myself anymore.

Comment by fluff

Byron,i dont think i’ll buy his new album lol.
Fluff,i hate to look at him he’s so stupid,i’ve got nothing against anyone moving out of Liverpool but ye dont ridicule the place when you’ve gone.

Comment by seftontaxis

Just finishing work and popped on quick. He looks dog ruf eeeeeeee!!

B. A. G. ‘E. D.

lukin 🙂 catch ya soon Gaz

Comment by fluff

Fluff,he does look like a bag head doesent he,i just went over this post and was quit surprised there was only 1 spelling mistake,i was seriously hammered as i’d just got back from the funeral do.

Comment by seftontaxis

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