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New Taxi Rates
May 7, 2008, 1:01 am
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It seems Southport are now seftons leaders and now they’re telling us what our rates should be………..15p on the mile….?

Their seaside resort may be busy but ours isn’t!

eg,i got a fare on south road,it as about 11.30 and i hadn’t done another job within an hour! they wanted to go to the cat and fiddle in bootle,the meter was on7.25,one of the girls said”how much”so i had to say”seven pound 20 please” then another of the girls said”that’s disgusting that,that’s why we never use black hackneys”then anther one of them said “your on more money than me”so i took off then and explained………….this is how much I’ve took tonight…..(pressed the meter to show the takings) and it was on 45 pound at gone 11.30,the hire of the cab was 20 pound a night that takes me to earning 25 pound,i’d done 75 miles and the cab does 20p a mile that thats 15 pound worth of fuel takes me to earning 10 pound (not looking good) then i pay metro 27 pound a week so say 4 pound a night takes me to a great total of earning 6 fucking pound when punters are kicking off about how expensive we are………and the rise is going through…………?……….my days on this job look numbered!


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Im sorry to hear about your circumstances, better get on delta mate…. seriously! 45 quid.. man yer can do 10-15 an hour and yer settle is a lot cheaper

Comment by g

g,dont worry about me i was just having a bad day,thanx for stopping by,i’ve worked for delta about 15 years ago now and hope never to go back.

Comment by seftontaxis

Thought you were going into the launderette business ???

Comment by byronbring

oh wow… i didn’t realize all of that!! so basically you work for a company, but pay them weekly, you buy your own gas, and then you get to keep what’s left?! phew…

what did the girl say after you said all of that? i expect she was quiet.

Comment by um naief

Byron,money laundering lol.
Um Naief,most people dont realise how it works…and we have to pay nationl insurance and income tax on top of that…..gets scareyier dunit lol, the girl said “we dont begrudge you it you know” making me feel guilty of being a narc.

Comment by seftontaxis

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