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June 27, 2008, 2:11 am
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A local drug dealer asked me how mutch i got paid  for theise ads,telling him i didnt know he said “you better watch youself round here with that on your cab”


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Thats a threat gazza. You be safe.

Comment by jac

You bet, as a matter of fact can’t you charge someone with that? I would watch it tooo mate, Really I think he should watch it….

Comment by gpw55

Jac and gpw,it’s not that serios as most cabs have this on but thanx for the concern anyway,i also carry an iron bar to help get stiff wheal nuts

Comment by seftontaxis

life is getting tough on ppl.. maybe why drugs are so widespread… do you think that’s why crime is up? scary when you can’t even go to your local hang out and then someone tells you not to ride around w/ such on your car…


Comment by Um Naief

Um Naief,Drugs are big buisness now and crime is rife with it,i cant see it ever going away too mang gangsters now.

Comment by seftontaxis

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