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What We Watchin Now?
September 29, 2008, 10:34 pm
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From The makers of Lost,Fringe an x files type of show….episode 4 is shown in usa tomorrow.

Dexter Series 3

He’s back and still the coolest serial killer.

Terminator,The Sarah Conner Chronicles,the movies were too good to leave it their?


The Story So Far!
September 24, 2008, 11:59 pm
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Wow has it been so long?as ye’s know i’m not a taxi driver any more,rearly 3 months now i’ve been a supermarket home delivery driver,i missed the cabs,i was a private hire driver b4 that so in all it was 22 years i worked the road and it was not always fun i’ve seen people getting their heads stamped on people getting done over with baseball bats,real stomach turning stuff,as well as nice people,genuine people who would chat with me about Bootle,the town i was born and bread in and it was all good stuff….but it came to an end…the credit crunch,smoking ban,a private hire firm who’d take you to the moon and back for ten pound and supermarkets selling beer for next to nothing……………….my last week on the cabs went like this……….i took 49 pounds on a mid week night…..the cab cost me 20 a night…..5 for my radio and 10 pound juice…..that left me with 14 quid to do what i liked with………………..I was sorry to leave the cabs but i had no choice,i wasent earing a carrot,i loved that jod and saw myself doing it fo the rest of my life …but it didnt turn out that way,dont get me wrong it was once a good job,i took my family abroad on holiday every year,i put both my children into collage and my eldest has just started University….wich isent bad for a hairy arsed taxi driver…………………Sooooooooooooo sorry to all my friends who have missed me and i will be back soon,i’m a sucker for funny storys and thinking of starting a multi user blog were all my friends can share their stories and we can add to it and buzz offit? talk to ye’s soon……take care out their!