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October 12, 2008, 12:01 am
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Some times on the cabs,i’d have such a good time having a laugh with the lads, i’d get home,go to bed and start thinking about the funny things we’d been up to and i’d be lying their trying to snaffle my laughing trying not to wake the mrs up,which never worked she’d wake up and say”your off your head” snigger and fall asleep again,Bubbles(Andrew) at work,called me an “ugly fu**ing c**t” so i said “aye aye their lad,i’ve got a heart you know”……….and i saw the look on his face, looking confused,he said “no you fucking havent”……….the smile on my face said it all when he realised i wasent bothered,i wind him up and so does he me…but thats life …..and we wake up every day sometimes in a good mood and sometimes not so good ,but we make the best of what we’ve got….have fun ou their it’s a short life as they say….lol


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i agree, like if short. i think it’s good that you can just roll w/ the punches and not let every little thing affect you. i wish i had an easier time w/ it, but as i type this, i can’t help but wonder if it’s a guy thing. my husband has a very easy time doing it.

Comment by Um Naief

Um Naief……………thats started me wondering now about guy thing…………you could be rite their…………….(still thinking about that)

Comment by seftontaxis

Nice that you were willing to leave a job you had for so many years, to start a completely new job in order to better support your family. But, as you said, the taxi-driving held strong long enough to help put the kids through college and take the family on some nice trips.
Hope you are enjoying the new job, but am sure you miss many of the old friends from the taxi job.

Comment by Dot

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