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John’y Bash R.I.P.
June 3, 2009, 12:10 am
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The legend John the Basher died today,a gentleman ex soldier,ex boxer as well as a lot more things,he was still driving a taxi a week ago,worked his arse off all his life,was most famous as basher form the seaforth stand lol,i got told when i started for metro that he sais “i’m retireing when i’m 60″ and that must have been about 15 years ago,one of the best recent stories was an old lady flagged him by the pacific bus stop,as he pulled over 2 thugs walked out the bookies pushed the woman out the way and said”thats our cab love”Basher being a gent got out his cab and said to the louts”i pulled over for this lady,its her cab” one of the louts said”yer knobhead” and threw a puch at Bash,seeing it coming a mile away basher swerved the punch,bang bang the lad was on the floor,the other lad tried his hand….bang bang he was on the floor as basher helped the lady into her cab and took her home.

He did still have it,i remember winding him up saying “hey Basher i heard that when you were boxing you had your advertising on the soles of your feet,you had tetley tea bags on your left and corn flakes on your right”…………….i knew how to play him….and he loved it….”did i” he kept saying as he thew punches that just missed me,”did i” his punches were getting faster and missing me by fracions,i ended up backing into a corner while he was still going at it……i had to say “Basher if one of them hits me” luckily non of them hit me but he was a star guy.


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What a wonderful fellow your friend John was. I am sure there were many other he did favors for during his Taxi driving years who will never forget him. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

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