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Metro’s Finest Becomes A Grandad
April 3, 2008, 12:44 am
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metros finest is now the proud grandad of baby joseph born at 11 oclock fighting weight 7lb.

Congradulations to the McCann family and Lisa and her Husband


My First Time……..
March 10, 2008, 12:20 am
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I’ve heard of this happen before but this is the first time it’s happened to me,picked a couple up(had them b4) at the Pacific and they went to Harris Drive,3.75 on the meter so the girl gives me a ten pound note,the starts saying i can give you the odd’s so she then gives me 80 pence and says your getting a 5 p tip,i give her the change 7 pound and they still sit their…… eventually she says”i gave you a twenty pound note their” so looking down by my gear stick were i left the note she gave me was a ten pound note,so i say”you never,you gave me a ten pound note and here it is my (showing them the note)….so it goes on and on and on…..dont be trying that on……i’ll call the police….i only had a 20………… when something like this happens it takes you back a bit and you dont think clear so i was thinking maybee…..the ten pound note by my gearstick was what i took out my wallet to give her as change……but… my wallet out and i didnt even have a 20 pound note….then even they guy says “it was a 20 mate i saw her hand you it” i say “well you must be mistaken then mate coz i havent even got a 20 pound note”……so it was still going on and on when i eventually lost my rag and started shouting”LISTEN,PHONE THE POLICE,PHONE WHO THE FUCK YOU WANT…..I HAVENT GOT A FUCKING 20 POUND NOTE”this seemed to sink in but didnt convince them,they got out and called me some terrible names (lucky i’m not easily offended lol) but as from now i’m going to put every note i take on the dashboard and say what it is as i take it off them.

I’ll Be Back (again)
February 6, 2008, 1:50 am
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I’m moving house house at the weekend,Sky and bt are getting installed at the new house Thursday,so i’m going to have to dismantle my desk and pc and transport it tomorrow,good news is,theirs an unlocked wireless network local so were not internetless,done a scan with my other pc that’s in the new property and there was no local wireless networks (i’m tyring to brag,my other pc is 5 years old,even this one needs updating) when i tell ppl i’m getting sky broadband i’m getting some terrible feedback’s so please give me some positive ones if you’ve used it….please………..

I had to take 1 of our cats,Felix to the vets to get put to sleep,this must have been one of the most disturbing things i’ve ever done in my life ,i’m not really a cat lover,but we got both cats as pets for our kids and as you’s now our kids are young adults now,so felix was 14 years old,and had a thyroid problem,so our Cath went with me the vets and i was ok till i went into the vets room and he got all the details about him on screen and he ask me how things were going,and i had to tell him “he’s shutting down”,he gave him a check over and asked if we’d like to stay with him as he injected him but we both said no,i know you’s might be thinking i’m stupid and it was only a cat,but it was part of our family for 14 years and it earned his keep,before we got him we had mice in the house,not a single one when we got him,we still have another cat (with a medical issue) and hes nearly the same age 14ish,so after he’s gone i dont want any more pets,god they break your heart when they die.

Francis Rimmer R.I.P.
January 23, 2008, 2:39 am
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This is a very old pic of my wifes dad Frank,when he was young handsome lad,before he met his beloved wife Betty,i’m going to restore this pic and i’l show you what it looks like when it’s finished,his funeral went well,lots of tears as you’d expect and a lot of laughing as the old storys came out, i laughed at one from his only son Robert who told us that when he was on the docks,they knew about 3 weeks in advance that the whiskey boat was due in,so being scoucers,they took advantage of this,so after the boat was in,frank tried to leave the docks,pissed as a newt,and the police stopped him at the gate,he had 4 flasks with him that he had full with whiskey and was trying to ride his bike,the copper said to him.”Frank,i cant let you out in this state on your bike,leave your bike here and get the bus home.Even on his death bed he was still cracking jokes,in intensive care a dr came over to me and said “are you Robert” i said no,i’m Joans husband,his daughter,then frank says to the doc”hey doc,if you ever need a taxi see him” I’m going to miss him,not as much as my mrs,or my youngest Tracy,she wept a lot which kicked everyone else off,then it was i’m crying coz i see you upset,and we were crying coz you were upset and so on and so on.